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    De-toxification, as the name says, is the removal of toxins from the body. this involves checking into a rehab centre and enrol for facilities to remove the toxins and the whole habit from your system.

  • Rehab process

    Detox common has few side effects, which is caused by the withdrawal of the substances. Only when it gets severe one must consult a doctor, else they are common and are to be neglected.

  • Detoxification Process

    While the above mentioned are always seen in 90% of patients and most of them come out without any problem, there might be few of you who aren't able to cope further and need medical assistance.

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We, the renowned rehab centres in town, believe in changing people holistically, without punishments. We create participants to enjoy life and appreciate every moment with grace. We follow the holistic way of changing the addicts, or our participants. We never let anyone suffer or being punished, brutally both physically or mentally. We think it's equal to killing them.This is the most important phase where the person is sent out of rehab to the normal day to day activities. This is the phase where they might fall back to addiction again, making their life all the more miserable. Counselling is necessary for the patients who walk out or rehab/recovery centres to make them aware of the changes that have shaped their life.


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